Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ultrasound Time

I had my second ultrasound since I have been here.  The first one was the day I arrived here in Boise to see my fluid level.  Yesterday they did the second one and I went from 17 to 14 in fluids.  I am not really sure what the measurements are but the doctor said that was amazing and means the baby is going to do very well so long as the fluids don't get down to a 6.  So that was awesome news!!!!  And I learned something new too, the fluids in the amniotic sack are from my babies 
My cousin Brandy has been here with me for the past week.  She had her baby girl, Ariana, last week before I arrived here.  They might get to take her home today.  She had been in the NICU for over a week and was taken off of the lights and is doing very well.  Yay, she gets to take her beautiful baby girl home.  I will miss having her around though.  Her and her husband Paul have been stopping into see me every evening.  I have loved there company. 

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  1. So happy for the good news! You're a tough chic. All this crazy bed rest will be worth it :) Love You.

    Merry Christmas my friendie!