Monday, January 10, 2011

Only 9 More Days to Go

It's Monday, January 10th, and I have only 9 more days to go until they induce me to have the baby.  So far his head is down so I will have him vaginally unless he breaches between now and then.  Also another concern is because the fluid level is getting lower he could wrap himself around the umbilical cord, thus causing an emergency C-section.  I pray that will not happen.  I am very blesses I have made it this far with him.  In fact, one of the nurses said she has seen 34 week old babies go home with mom the week they were born.  This Wednesday they are going to estimate his weight and my fluid level.  I am excited to see how much they think he weighs.  I am also excited to see my fluid levels.  I have been drinking sooooo much water. 
Today is my first day by myself in awhile.  My baby sister came and visited me all last week along with my Father and his side of the family.  Then Jared came this weekend but had to leave back for work yesterday.  We made a 3d puzzle my Aunt Kathy got us this weekend, it was pretty fun.  Other than that just layed around and watched movies.  So today is quiet.  But nice quiet.  Well hopefully I will be positing a five pound baby on Wednesday from the ultrasound.  That would be amazing.

Puzzle Time
 Putting the puzzle together


Pretty Awesome looking once it's done!

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  1. That is a really cute puzzle!!! How exciting only 9 more days. I hope you're able to deliver without having to have a C-section :) Not much longer now. . .better enjoy your sleep now. hahaha. love you tons~

    Thinking of you always,