Sunday, January 9, 2011

Baby Boy is Still in My Tummy...Yay!

Ok, so I have been horrible at posting, but I am going to get much better.  The clock is ticking and I need to let you all know how we are doing and when he is born!  I received my ultrasound last Wednesday and my fluid levels were back up to a 10.  They think his head is plugging the leak because he is so far down.  Whatever we are doing a 10 is amazing.  In fact, women who are not even ruptured have fluid levels there.  They didn't measure him this last ultrasound, but the time before he was estimated to be 4lbs 3 this coming Wednesday they will measure him again.  They are also going to give me another shot to help his lungs mature on Wednesday....Wow!  Wednesday is going to be a big day for us. 

But even BIGGER, Wednesday January 19th....that is the day they will induce labor and my little one will be born!!!!!  That is...if he hasn't came already.  I feel confident that we will make it to the 19th.  They have been monitoring me every 4 hours and he is going really well.  Happy as can be in Mommy's tummy.  The reason they are inducing me on the 19th is that the risk of infection outweighs the risk of having premature problems.  So 34 weeks is as far as they will let me go. 

I have some pictures to share of all my adventures here at the hospital and am so excited I have made it this far.  All my Family and Friends has been so supportive, I couldn't have stayed sane with out them...XOXO

 Grandma taught me how to Hemstitch
 Making Baby blankets

 Love my Mom!

 New Years Eve
 Yummy Sparkling Apple Cider,,,,lol
 Jessica came and stayed with me, awe such a sweet baby sis.

 Christmas again with my dad, I got a cammo John Deer hat.

 My awesome Cousins Amanda and Blake

 There adorable son Logan

 Cute Jessica

 My dad and little sisters, so silly

April and Jessica, my goofy sisters


  1. Sounds like awesome news all around! I am happy things seem to be moving forward. Your baby boy will be here at just the right time :) Love You!! Glad you have had some visitors and keeping busy.

  2. Great post! Thanks for sharing with us... Still blogging!!